Pablo González Conejero
According to the season and to the daily market, Pablo González and his team recommend today…



This is a menu made since our dear, with the illusion of the first day.
Read, enjoy and take your time.
We hope offer you the menu without esteorotipes,
you can choose everything, not depends on starters and main courses…
We understand our dishes from a determinated portions to your enjoy.
We serve the plates in half portion,
because we thing that are the perfect way to enjoy them. 


Confited Sturgeon, Black Pudding Cream, Crayfish and Onion Soup.  9,00 €

Traditional Murcian Vegetables Stew, and Roasted Cod Cheeks.  11,00 €

Stuffed Codfish Ramen Noodles. 13,00 €

Red Mullet, Cauliflower Gnocchi, Mint and Beans. 16,00 €

Beetroot and Pigeon, Ginger and Shiitake Juice. 15,00 €

Black Codfish, Galician Steak Carpaccio and Turnip Juice. 20,00 €

Cuttlefish Stewed, Konjak Root and Ink. 15,00 €

Steak Tartar and Stuffed Potatoes. 16,00 €

Deer Steak, Wheat Stew and Oxidative Ageing Sherry. 23,00 €

Galician Sirloin Steak, Corn Fritters and Chlorophyll. 21,00 €


Tasting a dish should be memorable…
If nothing remains in the memory of a single guest, then I have made a mistake.
Alain Ducasse


Artisan Cheeses Tasting. 16,00 €

Mascarpone Cream, Pinneapple and Citrics. 9,50 €

Red Fruits Panna Cotta, White Chocolate and Green Tea Ice Cream. 9,50 €

Roasted Rice Cream, Lemon Cake and Cinnamon Ice Cream. 9,50 €

Chocolate Cream, Dried Fruits, Chocolate and Clove Ice Cream and Argan Oil. 9,50€


Olivo Tasting Menu (65 €)

10 appetizers
3 main courses
1 dessert
Wine matching* 100 €

Cabaña Tasting Menu (80 €)

14 appetizers
4 main courses
2 desserts
Wine matching* 130 €

Buenavista Tasting Menu (105 €)

14 appetizers
7 main courses
3 desserts
Wine matching* 180 €

Bread: 1,90 €

* The somellier, Joan Belda, will adapt the Tasting Menu matching to the diner’s preferences. Different styles of Spanish wines, little producers, tiny productions, human histories..

According to the Spanish General Law 44/2.006 of December 29th, this menu includes TAX 10 % .

*All our dishes can have some Allergen ingredients.  (Reglamento RU 1169/2011)